Monday, October 10, 2011

Inside paint and floor install

I added two small 20mm boards on either side of the spine to allow the fixing of fittings on the floor. Also, I added additional transverse floor bearers to spread the weight more evenly.

The King plank has been fitted with extra length which will be cut after the deck is installed. A hardwood riser will be installed to support the load of the mast above the deck. Note! also, I installed two additional deck supports to ensure no warping of the deck due to enthusiastic crew movements. The floor has been fixed down with silicone and screws and then sealed with silicone around the edges.

Note the false frame just in front of the transom to support the rear deck. I have painted all underfloor areas with primer and two coats of good quality outdoor house paint. The wet areas with have two coats of epoxy and then two coats of two pack tank coating, the same as the outside hull.

I have made allowance to install tow 30kg lead bars for extra ballast and you can seethe mounting blocks ready for the bars.

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