Friday, February 25, 2011

The first stringer

Today I attempted, successfully, to install the first stringer on the port side. I used a small Electrolux Steamer (thanks to Mark Attard) to apply a little steam to the stringer which I had placed in the 75mm PVC tube you can see on the floor. The steam certainly made the pine stringer more pliable.

In place of clamps in some cases I used electrical cable to pull the stringer into the frame.

I have primed and painted the underfloor area as it is much easier now than after the stringers are in place. I will apply the final coat before the floor goes down.

I used the steamer by hand to apply a little more moister before srewing and glueing.

I have inserted two 25mm electrical conduits between the front floor area and cockpit to drain any splash water to the rear.

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