Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 2012 update. building the birdsmouth spars

This is the jig my friend Joe designed to make the birdsmouth cuts in all the staves to make the spars.
As the saw could only be set at 90deg. we made a 45deg. back board and fixed it to the guide then fitted feathered boards to keep the
staves in place while cutting. It was really quite easy.Having said that I stalled off making them for several weeks as I was unsure of the end result and didn't want to make a mess of them. As with most things to do with the build the anticipation was worse than the actual doing and I was well pleased with the result.
The boom after assembly with resin and electrical ties.

The boom after planing and the mast glued and fastened.
All spars were  made from clear, seasoned radiata pine with the following stave sizes.
Gaff: 8 off 19mm * 19mm
Boom: 6 off 19mm * 19mm and 2 off 42mm * 19mm
Mast: 8 off 32mm * 19mm
The end result was very staight and strong.

In the mast section I inserted a solid core at each end, 700mm long to provide strength where fittings are to be installed.
I filled the gaps with thickened epoxy to give a nice solid end finish.

The end view of the boom.

The gaff with jaws installed and painted.


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